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Blues Collection

Courses from Ariel Posen, Stuart Ziff, Artur Menezes and David Isaacs Contains 181 Lessons 12 Hour Run Time

Grooves Collection

Courses from Tim Stewart, Horace Bray , Monte Pittman and Horace Bray Contains 181 Lessons 12 Hour Run Time

Fingerstyle Collection

Courses from Mike Dawes, Maneli Jamal, Trevor Gordon Hall and Evan Taucher Contains 181 Lessons 12 Hour Run Time

Lead Voice Collection

Courses from Aaron Marshall, Andre Nieri, Gretchen Menn and Michael Palmisano Contains 181 Lessons 12 Hour Run Time

Eccentric Collection

Courses from Yvette Young, Sarah Longfield, Calum Graham and Amber Russell Contains 181 Lessons 12 Hour Run Time

Rock Collection

Courses from Tony MacAlpine, Tony Martinez, Irene Ketikidi and Prashant Aswani Contains 181 Lessons 12 Hour Run Time

Shred Collection

Courses from Andy Wood, Dan Sugarman, Stephanie Bradley and Straten Marshall Contains 181 Lessons 12 Hour Run Time

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Interested in multiple collections? Stack the savings with each additional purchase.

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We continue to thank our member base and guitarists across the world.

James P. James P. JamPlay Review

I have been a Jamplay member since December of 2014. Since that time I have learned and progressed so much strictly using Jamplay as my one learning source. I will remain a Jamplay member for life as there is always so much to learn and work on. It truly is the best Guitar learning website available today. I wish I could give this great company 10 stars because their Live Workshop courses are phenomenal !!! They usually are 8 or 10 week courses and they are awesome! I'm a Jamplay member for life.

Allan B. Allan B. JamPlay Review

JamPlay is fantastic, awesome and amazing!!! I am a beginner guitarist that has just begun, the lessons are clean, clear and precise with options to interact with people at Jam Play, I have already been able to play along with music, which is a personal achievement, I would not give away for almost anything. I recommend Jam Play as the go to instruction for every guitarist because the lessons are of the best quality I have experienced! Thank you Jam Play you have a lifer here!

Padric H. Padric H. JamPlay Review

Hi, My name is Padric and I am a student with JamPlay. They know me as **********, I feel a real affinity for these folks and I couldn't place it. I recognize they're pro's anyone would but that wasn't it. The instruction is both live and recorded also there are all sorts of tools and cool things to help you along. And the badges, I love the badges, they are a yard stick you can measure your progress against. It really is the best guitar learning expirience I've ever had.

Brandon P. Brandon P. JamPlay Review

Not everyone has the optimal time / monetary / geographic mobility to sign up for lessons in person with a qualified instructor. JamPlay aims to solve these issues for most with their online offerings at a cost most can afford, especially considering the incredible range of products, services and instructors they've assembled. Kudos to the entire team, and a personal thank you for providing such a well-rounded, quality online offering.

James B. James B. JamPlay Review

To be honest, I was reluctant to try JamPlay. I am so glad I did! The amount of talent that's at your fingertips is amazing! I'm at a starting over phase, and until now, I didn't realize how much I had missed as far as proper teaching and training. Having a large selection of teachers, and their own techniques, is helping me learn to play the instrument I've loved! I just wish this were available to me many years ago! Thanks JamPlay

Chris P. Chris P. JamPlay Review

Great online learning tool. I use JamPlay for learning guitar and the material is top notch... Great customer service, they are fast to respond to questions, account issues, etc. Many instructors to learn from and many levels avalible. Best money spent online in a long time, can't say enough great things about JamPlay. 5 Stars!

Philip S. Philip S. JamPlay Review

What a fantastic online experience the staff at Jamplay have provided for those looking to learn or improve their guitar skills. The instructors and lessons are thorough, easy to follow and fun. And not to forget the absolute world class customer service. Everyone on the staff who has aided me by phone or email was also terrific. The care with which they treat their customers should be the model for every company who deal with the public A++ all around.

Charles B. Charles B. JamPlay Review

JamPlay has so many choices for beginning guitar players that it can be difficult to choose. That's a great problem to have, I found two teachers that I like, one is a little more methodical than the other, but combined I found they compliment each other. There are so many wonderful tools on JamPlay, I'm really looking forward to getting the basics down so I can move on to the more advanced features. By the way, the live chat sessions are great!


"JamPlay is the ultimate way to learn..."

JamPlay is the ultimate way to learn guitar. I have been playing guitar since last year and I cannot find a better learning app for the guitar. It's worth every penny. These instructors finely detail everything I want to learn and also include extras like tablature to go along with the lessons. Perfect for beginner to intermediate musicians.


"Just started using JamPlay"

Just started using Jam Play, my opinion is a little limited. So far so good, really like the way songs are taught. I've tired learning some songs from you-tube, the songs on you-tube are taught well, but you have to rewind a lot and the camera angles are tough to see, especially when it comes to the finger picking. On jam play the fingering is play slowly and repeated to make sure you get it, just what I need until I improve.


"University of JamPlay"

This is a great program, and if you are willing to commit to the lessons and practice the exercises, you will learn guitar. I am just starting at the beginners level, and I am confident that I will learn to play the guitar. The instructors seem very knowledgeable about the guitar, music theory, and music history. I plan to gain as much knowledge as I can absorb, and practice-practice-practice...


"JamPlay Top of the league!"

JamPlay is out of this world! I have just begun playing the guitar and I am making leaps and bounds with the instructors at Jam Play, they make learning fun, exciting and the lessons are clean, clear and precise, for the first time learning the guitar has been made easy, I am addicted to my instrument thanks to Jam Play and I know with JamPlay I will be able to Rock out on my Guitar with in the year!!! Thanks Jam Play you have a Lifer here!!!!


"Beginning User"

I'm a beginning guitar player and am in my first month of membership. I've selected one course and am midway through the course and find it very informative, the instructor is great for beginners and doesn't get too deep into music theory. Very easy to use so far. I feel I'm making good progress. Maybe I missed it earlier, but it would have been nice to have a tutorial on all the tabs on the site. I've discovered through trial and error on which work best for me.


"A fantastic resource for all levels"

I travel a lot so couldn't commit to weekly lessons. Despite that, I really wanted to work on my guitar skills and bring them up to something better than college strumming. Jamplay has resources for all levels and a multitude of styles. There are enough teachers, so you will find one or more that meets your learning style. I've been a member since 2014 and just signed up for another year. Well worth the money.


"knowledge/experience gap at times"

I really like just about everything on It is extremely convenient for me. The only thing that concerns me is that some lesson sites jump from extremely easy to advanced beginner with nothing in between. This occurs in genre lessons. If I could not read music there would be times I was a little lost. I have not investigated beyond genre. Overall I am very satisfied with my experience on


"A Great place to start"

I have only been using for a few weeks and have found the lesson material easy to follow and a great way to learn guitar. Also you can go at your own pace, and any lessons that you find more challanging can be viewed as many times as you need! All round a great learning experiance.


"Something for everyone"

Regardless of your experience level or the style you want to learn, you will find several instructors ready to help you. Unfortunately I had to give up on the type of Blues I wanted to play because it requires barre chords and the arthritis in my hands make it painful to try to make a barre chord.


"Awesome service"

Great content and a wonderful array of teachers delivering it. I've not been with for long, but I'm really enjoying learning with them. Any negatives? Only a couple. 1.) The android app doesn't appear to be compatible with my particular kindle. 2.) There is no way to cache videos offline for circumstances where you have no internet.


"Excellent so far"

Been a memeber for about 30 days and i couldnt be more pleased. You get access to a wealth ofinformation and if you practice you can learn to play the guitar. I have tried several different instructors and found them to be excellent. After 30 days I would highly recommend.


"Great site, great instructors!"

I started learning only about a month ago and I have made great progress. My family and friends are amazed at my progress... JamPlay makes it easy to grasp knowledge and put it to practice.

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