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The pinnacle of all-things-guitar.

With over 6,000 lessons from 100+ professional guitar teachers, we can help anyone from the absolute beginner to seasoned professional. We also broadcast Live Courses each week, and feature a suite of tools, JamTracks, educational libraries and more.

100+ Teachers

100+ Teachers

Major League Resources

From famed musicians such as Billy Idol's Steve Stevens to famed Berklee educators, our teacher roster has been carefully crafted to deliver results.

400+ Courses

400+ Courses

On Demand Lessons in 4k

Beginner to advanced, acoustic to electric; we have the lessons you need to develop your playing. Courses are broadcasted in 4k and stream to any device.

All Genres

All Genres

Beginner to Advanced

We have spent the last 15 years building our catalog, which covers every style of guitar. Blues, Rock, Funk, Classical, Jazz, Flamenco... just to name a few!

Master Courses

Master Courses

Stream with Membership

Exclusive Master Courses from artists such as Aaron Marshall, Yvette Young, Mike Dawes, Phil Keaggy and more. We are preparing for even more artists in 2018!

Live Courses

Live Courses

Live Courses, Daily

Our weekly workshops are broadcasted live in 1080p and archived for review. Also, our Live Q&A offers open dialogue with our teachers for up to 8 hours a day.

1 on 1 Reviews

1 on 1 Reviews

Earn Badges & Swag.

Record yourself taking guitar challenges, have your playing reviewed and earn badges. Exclusive to JamPlay, get feedback from real teachers, yielding real results.

Useful Libraries

Useful Libraries

Libraries, JamTracks & More

Few can compete with our library of teaching tools. 950,000+ chord library to enharmonic scale diagrams, we take pride in offering you the best tools available.

Apps Galore

Apps Galore

Free with Membership

iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Android, Amazon and more. We also support mobile technologies via browser, including Chromecast, Apple TV and Internet TVs.

500,000+ Guitarists Served

We have serviced over 500,000 subscribers from over 220 countries and are celebrating our 15th year as the leading service for learning guitar.



1,000,000 Secure Transactions


Secure Transactions







Platform Features

Any novice can film a few guitar lessons.. few can provide the range of features we offer.

4k and 1080p

Our lessons are filmed and produced in a professional studio with (7) 4k cameras and stream to you in 1080p quality. All content is produced in our studios, not from a bedroom or "contrated out" and filmed elsewhere.

Progress Reports

As you will continually find with our service, learning is in your hands. No other feature exemplifies this more than our Progress Reports. Unique to, this allows you to update and build your own reports for your progression.

Interactive Tabs

Each lesson we offer is complimented with interactive tabs and learning material to aid your development as a guitarist. Think of GuitarPro, but on the web! Fully responsive, printable, and featuring virtual instruments.

A/B Looping

Loop any section of a video, anytime you need it. This also functions along with slow motion control to give you ultimate control over video playback. Don't miss a thing, and repeat sections to make practice times more effecient.

Slow Motion

Our new platform gives you the ability to slow down video playback from 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. This gives you a major advantage in learning from our videos. Don't miss any details, and even pair this with A/B looping for practice.

Video Bookmarks

With thousands of lessons, JamPlay can be a bit intimidating for a first time user. With Progressive Bookmarking, you can save a section of any video to quickly access later. Don't just save lessons, save the time stamp with your individual notes.

Mobile Apps

We offer apps for iOS, Andriod, Chromecast and more. All apps are free to use with your JamPlay Membership and allow you to enjoy our lessons on the go.. just use your sign in credentials for unlimited access.

Huge Chord Library

Built with you in mind: an easy to use, comprehensive display of over 950,000 chords! This library gives you the ability to make custom chord sheets, perfect for managing practice routines or saving a memorable progression.

Awesome Scale Library

The most comprehensive collection of guitar scales available online. Our library allows you to view fretboard diagrams for any scale in any key, in any tuning, and for 6, 7, or 8 string guitars. The also features triads for any scale and key!

JamTrack Library

JamTracks provide you with the landscape to refine your leads. With over 600 professionally recorded tracks in various genres, this library cannot be found anywhere else. Tabs included with recommended scales for each section.

Lick & Riff Library

Consider this your idea farm for formulating new riffs and solos. Break out of your standard techniques, and inspire your creativity to move your playing forward. Each video s limited to teaching one idea in a brief, quick-hitting format.

Interactive Games

While in high school, we used to make stacks of notecards. JamPlay is goin' green, saving some paper, and making these nifty little games to help you commit these subjects to memory. Pitch Recognition, Fretboard Memorization and more.

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