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JamPlay Video Lessons
Learning how to play guitar from home has never been easier.

JamPlay serves as the leader for online video guitar lessons. If you are just learning how to play the guitar, or are interested in improving your skills and knowledge as a guitarist, you have come to the right place. Welcome.

We consistently film, edit and publish around 11 hours of new guitar lessons every 30 days; an enormous amount of material to keep your playing focused and interests perked. With new lessons added on a daily basis, you cannot find another company as dedicated to teaching the guitar as JamPlay.

Over 4,000 Lessons Streaming in HD

Each new lesson produced by our team is digitally recorded in high definition with studio-quality audio. All lessons are presented with 3-5 camera angles and stream to you in 5 different qualities, with the additional capability to stream all video lessons to your mobile device!

  • iPhone, iPad and HTML5 Compatible
  • A/B Video Looping
  • In-Lesson timecode bookmarking
  • Full Screen to 720p
  • Print Ready lesson material

Structured Phases of Learning

Learning is only realistic with resources, and only possible with organization and some structure. Instead of viewing a slew of random videos with little support, we seperate our teaching material into 3 distinct phases.

  • Phase 1 - Beginner Lessons
  • Phase 1 of our teaching method serves to teach you these absolute basics, such as tuning, posture, technique, reading tablature and playing elementary chords.
  • Phase 2 - Genre & Skill-Based Lessons
  • Our genre-based lessons primarily focus on learning skills and concepts that pertain to a specific style of music, as well as skill building lessons for a specific focus of study.
  • Phase 3 - Song Lessons
  • Finally...a service to provide you with accurate tabs and video instruction so that you can learn to play your favorite guitar songs! Tired of hunting around YouTube only to find low-quality, inaccurate lessons? JamPlay is here to provide you with accurate lessons for easy guitar songs.
Blues Rock Metal Fingerstyle Celtic Classical Country Jazz Funk Flamenco Slack Key Folk Bluegrass Lead Concepts Speed and Technique Tips and Tricks Reading Music Singing with Guitar Song Writing Theory and Improv 12 String Guitar Rhythm Guitar Ear Training Recording and Micing

Live Lessons, 7 Days a Week!


Exclusive to JamPlay and the educational guitar market, JamChat offers you the ability to interact with our instructors via text chat and webcam-to-webcam video stream. With daily sessions and varying curriculum, you can now bridge the gap between the convenience of online lessons and the effectiveness of in-person instruction.

  • Open participation for all members
  • Free with a JamPlay Membership
  • Broadcast your own video stream
  • Get help from pro instructors
  • Regular open mic nights, show your skill
  • Webcam-to-webcam capability
  • 30,000 Hours Delivered since 2009
  • 8+ hours of live sessions - daily

Features galore. While any dummy can film a few guitar lessons and toss together a website, few can compete with the range of features we have built for our members. From live instructor interaction to enharmonic scale diagrams, we take pride in offering you the best guitar learning website available. Period.

Chord Library

The JamPlay Chord Library was built with the guitar student in mind: an easy to use, comprehensive display of all chords available.. over 950,000!

  • Over 950,000 chord charts
  • Altered Tunings & Voicing
  • Charts, Tabs & Photos
  • Build Custom Chord Sheets
  • Exclusive to JamPlay, we offer you the ability to create, manage and build your own chord sheets for your practice routine!

Scale Library

We can humbly say that this library is the most comprehensive collection of guitar scales available online. Fretboard diagrams, playing applications, theory, famous solos, and interactive video examples? Yes, sir!

  • Display any scale in all 12 keys
  • Diatonic, Pentatonic, Blues/Bebop, Symmetric
  • 6, 7, and 8 Note Exotic Scales
  • Interactive Fretboard with Enharmonics
  • Video Examples of Scale


Paired with our exclusive Scale Library, our JamTracks provide you with the landscape to refine your lead playing. New tracks are also added each week.

  • Refine Your Lead Playing
  • Over 500 Custom Tracks in 13 Genres
  • Tabbed Progressions for Study
  • From Pop, Funk and Jazz to Rock & Metal

Lick & Riff Library

Consider this your idea farm for formulating new riffs and solos. This exclusive collection of videos will help you break out of your standard techniques, and can inspire your creativity to move your playing forward.

  • Short, to the point video lessons
  • Idea farm for developing leads or riffs
  • Over 200 entries from various instructors
  • From Pop, Funk and Jazz to Rock & Metal

Educational Games

While in high school, we all used to make stacks and stacks of the glorious notecards to lock our brains into memorization. JamPlay is goin' green, saving some paper, and making these nifty little games to help you with these subjects.

  • Fretboard Memorization Practice
  • Music Notation Quizzer
  • Note Identification for Reading Music
  • Pitch Recognition Testing
  • Compete against other members!

Enormous Community

We all know that learning a new skill is always difficult, so the least we can offer for your "moral" support, is a few thousand people to relate with.

  • Manage Your JamPlay Profile
  • Active user forum and community
  • Live chat with other members
  • Make contacts and find friends

Knowledge is key, experience is paramount. While learning from 1-on-1 lessons proves beneficial, neglecting the opportunity to learn from a variety of guitar pros is just ignorant. We spend most of our time hunting down new teachers, flying them to our filming studio, and presenting their knowledge to our members.

Acoustic Guitar Instructors

  • Hawkeye Herman

    Hawkeye Herman - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Steve Eulberg

    Steve Eulberg - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Jim Deeming

    Jim Deeming - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Jessica Baron

    Jessica Baron - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Mark Kailana Nelson

    Mark Kailana Nelson - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Mark Lincoln

    Mark Lincoln - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Danny Voris

    Danny Voris - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Mary Flower

    Mary Flower - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Eve Goldberg

    Eve Goldberg - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Pamela Goldsmith

    Pamela Goldsmith - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Orville Johnson

    Orville Johnson - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Mitch Reed

    Mitch Reed - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Miche Fambro

    Miche Fambro - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Nick Amodeo

    Nick Amodeo - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Kaki King

    Kaki King - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Erik Mongrain

    Erik Mongrain - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Randall Williams

    Randall Williams - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Trace Bundy

    Trace Bundy - Online Guitar Teacher

Electric Guitar Instructors

  • David Wallimann

    David Wallimann - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Dennis Hodges

    Dennis Hodges - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Mark Brennan

    Mark Brennan - Online Guitar Teacher
  • DJ Phillips

    DJ Phillips - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Nick Kellie

    Nick Kellie - Online Guitar Teacher
  • David MacKenzie

    David MacKenzie - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Brad Henecke

    Brad Henecke - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Matt Brown

    Matt Brown - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Nick Greathouse

    Nick Greathouse - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Eric Madis

    Eric Madis - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Chris Liepe

    Chris Liepe - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Brendan Burns

    Brendan Burns - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Kenny Ray

    Kenny Ray - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Lisa Pursell

    Lisa Pursell - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Jane Miller

    Jane Miller - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Lauren Passarelli

    Lauren Passarelli - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Allen Van Wert

    Allen Van Wert - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Dave "Gravy" Felton

    Dave Felton - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Flattus Maximus

    Flattus Maximus - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Kris Norris

    Darkest Hour, Straight Line Stitch
    Kris Norris - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Travis Miguel

    Travis Miguel - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Dave "David J" Weiner

    Steve Vai
    Dave  Weiner - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Tosin Abasi

    Animals As Leaders
    Tosin Abasi - Online Guitar Teacher
  • James Malone

    James Malone - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Doc Coyle

    God Forbid
    Doc Coyle - Online Guitar Teacher
  • Emil Werstler

    Dååth, Chimaira
    Emil Werstler - Online Guitar Teacher
  • David Davidson

    David Davidson - Online Guitar Teacher

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